Courtney Ann

I am a wife, mother, and model. A dare with my husband turned into a hobby that turned into full time income. While running a house cleaning business and cleaning houses myself, I built a brand around my modeling. Texas Thighs was born. I cleaned, was mom, and ran the daily household chores by day then built the brand and the website by night. I always thought it would be amazing to model and embrace womanhood and sexiness. With the explosion of social media I was able to work towards that dream. I fell in love with the sexy shoots, creativity in picking the looks and setting up the shots, and the overall feeling of embracing my own body after 2 kids. Texas Thighs grew and before other platforms for paid modeling came into mainstream, I built this site and my own membership for my fans. I wanted a space built by me where I could put all I wanted into it. My husband and I now both work together full time creating content, building the brand, and working towards our other goals. 

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