To cancel a membership with Texas Thighs:
Go to the Cancellation page below

NOTE: Since you gain instant access to all member site content (and I cannot take that back) there are no refunds for membership.  Cancelling your membership will also result in removal from members Instagram and Snapchat. You will have access to all content until your (already paid for) month runs out. Please allow up to 24 hours for cancellation processing.

To process your cancellation click HERE
Note: I keep detailed records. Plus my site tracks log ins. If you Falsely report your agreed apon membership charge as fraud, I will send proof to the bank then you will be billed for the bank charges (per each transaction disputed). A detailed invoice with proof will be mailed to your billing/mailing adress. If you have an issue or your card was used without permission, please email me. I can help you with any issues you have. If you report to your bank then you will be billed for the bank processing fees and i cant stop those . Please email me to prevent this issue.
To Cancel a merchandise order: you must cancel within 24 hours or email Courtney for a refund. Any questions or concerns should be sent directly to Courtney at

*Paypal customers: Paypal is no longer a payment option. If you were a Paypal customer before, then you no longer have access to member content and have not been charged. You were auto cancelled and notified but I know some emails can get sent to spam. I would love to have you back! To regain full member access, please try to log in, and it will guide you to updating payment info. If you have any questions please email me at


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