My Personal Daily Healthy Tips

I love a checklist! I can mark off what I did and didn't do that day. This keeps me on track and also helps me see where I did great and where I need to improve. I have compiled my checklist of daily things to do that will keep you on track and help incorporate those daily actions for a healthy lifestyle 🙂

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  1. DRINK WATER! I know I know, everyone says this 🙂 That's because it is key! It is proven how much drinking water is good for every single inch of your body. There a charts everywhere telling you how much to drink. I stick to drinking at least 100 oz per day. It may seem like a lot to some but you can work up to it. Also, if you drink any other beverage like tea or soda or coffee, then you have to add that same number of ounces in extra water. So you drink a 12 oz soda then you need to add 12 oz water to your daily intake. This def makes you think before drinking that tea 😉 This keeps you aware of your beverages. You would be surprised how many empty calories you take in thru drinks. So seriously find a cup or tracker on your phone or something, and DRINK WATER allll day! 
  2. MOVE! Even a quick walk around your office building or a good game of tag with your kids, move around every day! I remember when I worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital, I knew I wasn't going to work out that day so I would do "stair runs" up and down the hall stairs on breaks. Your body is made to move. Even just 10 min will boost your heart rate, get your metabolism going, and perk up your mood. Then you will eventually start to want more of it 🙂 I work out a solid 5 days a week now and love it but that wasn't always the case. It started with slowly building up to that. Find an app (I liked the 7 min workout app), or video, or one of my workouts and then take a small chunk of time (off IG and FB) and get up and move your body. Its good for your entire body from your mind to mood to weight to digestive system (yep I said it) and no one ever says "man I wish I hadn't taken that walk/did that workout/played with the kids/etc". We will talk about daily motivation in another post.
  3. THINK! Before you eat, ask yourself a few things. Am I hungry? Is this going to satisfy me? Is this fueling me or breaking me down? What else have I eaten (have I been fueling my body)? Am I eating out of emotion? Decide after you answer those questions. This does not AT ALL mean you don't enjoy cheat meals and fun stuff that make eating fun too. This is to keep you on track during regular days and times as well as keep you from mindless snacking that can ruin your hard work towards a healthier you!
Fave water tips:
  • Use cute or nice water bottles! I like things that are nice to look at therefore I like cute cups and bottles for my water that way its not an eyesore to look at. Don't want anything deterring me from drinking.
  • If you aren't used to drinking water all day then use things to "spice" it up at first. Lemons are an awesome flavor and energy boost to your water. As are other fruits and fun add ins like cucumbers or mint leaves. I love making a pitcher of water with lemon slices and cucumber slices. Then I use it to fill my water bottle first thing in the morning. Its the perfect drink to start your healthy day. It puts your mind and body in ready mode for healthy plus its also a metabolism booster 🙂
  • Another tip is to figure out how you drink water best. Sounds funny I know but hear me out. I drink water way better and faster when its almost room temp (just slightly cool). I like it to start out with ice especially for that fist cup in the morning to wake me up. And in Texas I definitely love ice cold on a hot day. But for my daily water intake, I like it almost room temp. I can drink way more and at a faster rate so it works best for me. So figure out how you drink water best and use that to help you up that daily intake!!!
These may seem super simple but I ask "Are you doing them every day?" I promised myself to be conscience of this every day for at least a month. And I noticed some serious changes not only in my body but in my mindset and strength to keep pushing on with it!  If you stay consistent with these simple daily choices, you WILL see a difference! 



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