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My Wellness Story

I didn't grow up thinking I would one day be sharing fitness and weight loss tips but here I am a mom of 2 getting constantly asked how I workout and what I eat.  


When I was younger I was always active as a cheerleader so I stayed in pretty good shape naturally but as you get older and then things like college and socializing take over, your metabolism slows down. Then you add in getting married and jumping into motherhood, you find yourself looking into the mirror after a C-section and 9 months of pregnancy saying "Who is that? What happened to that fit girl?" so I slowly began my journey into being a healthy and fit mom.


I wanted to be an example for my kid. After baby number 1, I tried many diff things to help lose weight and not all of them were the healthiest but I def learned some things that I still refer back to even now. I saw some pretty good changes and was starting to figure more out then decided I needed another baby (ha ha). So with baby number 2 I stayed more active with walks during my pregnancy then after another C-section,  I was ready to jump right back into being the healthy example to both my kids! I began more research plus trial and error and always got asked "What are you doing? How did you lose the weight?" which led to a blog with recipes, workouts, plus healthy lifestyle tips and tricks. Then I got asked to lead a local moms workout group. I really loved creating a new workout each week and helping to motivate those moms to be healthier and fitter. I knew I had found a new passion. I want to show how anyone can workout at home and still get amazing results as long as they set their minds to it and stick with it!

Fast forward a month after that and I start an IG page for fun. It grew quickly and showing off my sexy side was super fun but also motivated me even more to hit some of my fitness goals harder. Hubby and I got even more serious with our meal prep and workouts. I post a half shirt pic on FB and got soooo many messages saying "holy cow! what are you doing? Share your secrets 🙂 " and I knew what I needed to do.

This is me combining the fun of my IG page with my passion to help women feel their best inside and out. Nothing against men because they can totally use my tips and meal prep (my hubby does) and supplements to feel awesome too, I say women because I know what it feels like to be a busy mom trying to lose baby weight and just feel great!

My membership includes my actual meal prep and recipes as well as my workouts I do at home. I am not a professional trainer or nutritionist, I am just a mom that has found a way to fit a healthy lifestyle into my busy mom life. I would love to motivate, support, and cheer you on your own personal health and fitness journey.

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