I have worked in customer service, health care, and have ran several businesses so I have come to be obsessed with finding amazing people that offer great business, service, and just plain awesome experiences when it comes to what they provide! I have wanted to share this space with my favorite businesses and more importantly favorite people to work with.

If you need any of the services below, please check them out! They have the Texas Thighs seal of approval 😉


People awesome at helping you feel your beautiful best!

Pretty On Premises: Michelle Chappel (hair, makeup, feeling fabulous)

Michelle is amazingly talented and knowledgable in her field. She won't sell you what you don't need and not only does she make you look beautiful but you feel beautiful when you leave. She is fun, smart, sweet, and even deals with my constant requests and questions 🙂 Mr Texas Thighs even loves going to her for haircuts too! And she does amazing work for wedding parties! She did my hair and makeup for my first shoot and it made me feel much more confident and prepared. And I love going to her for my regular hair needs!  Check her out for your hair and makeup needs 🙂

Check her out here!

Envious by Charisma: Charisma (Pro cosmetic nurse injector and educator)

Charisma is insanely knowledgable in her field of complete facial beauty. She has helped many models and DFW women with their lips and wrinkles to just feeling their best with overall fun facial treatments and more. She has helped me with my big forehead wrinkles and makes me feel comfy and like I'm in the best hands! Def message her for your longterm facial needs 🙂

Check her work here!


Chiropractic: Dr. Brett - Ultimate Health Chiropractic 

Dr. Bret has helped me with my chronic back and shoulder issues (def worse from all the back arching poses now ha ha) and I can always feel relief after each visit! His wife is always so helpful in the office and they have become like friends of our family. He is now helping my girls feel their best as well. My oldest is already doing damage to her body thru cheer and my youngest has crazy sleep issues so I love that they are getting relief as well as preventative care 🙂  If you want a healthy spine (which helps all over body wellness), then check him out! He can help all kinds of issues ranging from back pain to migraines to allergies and more.

Click Here for his Services


Cryo Wellness: Cutting Edge Cryo

Started treatments with Cutting Edge Cryo and already excited to share them! Non invasive and natural ways to help pain, reduce soreness, tone wrinkles, lessen cellulite, slim down and so much more! All natural and the people there are so helpful and amazing!

Click here to check them out!

Real Estate Services


She is the best! Knows her real estate and works so hard for her clients! I come to her all the time when needing a referral for almost anything 🙂 Even before she was my agent she helped me and answered all my crazy questions 🙂 If she can't help you then she knows someone who can! 

Click Here for Her Services

Photography (LA Area)

Los Angeles was amazing and fun and if it weren't for the traffic I prob would have moved there 🙂 

Moezart : Moe

Absolutely loved working with Moe! First beach shoot in front of many people and he kept it comfortable and fun! Plus he got some amazing angles despite the crazy wind and sun 🙂 He worked wonderfully with me, hubby, the public, and even both my daughters there. My girls thought he was awesome too! His style is both sexy and classy and I hope to work with him again one day! A must work with in the L.A. area!

Click Here for His Work

Harrylhgfx : Harry

Got to work with Harry twice while in the area! Loved it! Two whole diff vibes from grass, bugs, squishy water, and rocks to the gorgeous Malibu beach! He gave me tips, showed me and hubby cool stuff and was super sweet to my daughters! Ate two meals with the guy and we all got to discuss life in general. Fun experience and some great pics! Message him for some beautiful captures! 

Click Here for His Work

Photography (Bay Area Cali)

Gstate Warrior: Gavin

Gavin was so much fun to work with. He is super sweet and such an artist. Had fun capturing some diff looks as well as hanging out with him in both cities we shot in 🙂 Got to shoot with him in San Fran and Austin! Such relaxed and fun shoots! Def make him a must work with in the Bay Area as well!

Click Here for His Work

Mgw Photography: Michael

Michael is a perfectionist! He is a long time talented photographer and he knows how to capture each shot. He is insanely talented at making you feel beautiful and helping you get fun and creative angles 🙂 He loves making beautiful art! Make him a must work with in the Bay area.

Click Here for His Work

Photography (DFW)

Legacy Studios: Barbara (Master photographer, Master artist and family memory maker)

Barbara is amazing at her craft! She is crazy talented at capturing everyone as well as making everyone comfortable. Plus her artistic capabilities are incredible! She has won many awards but you will feel like her best friend when you're around her! Book her for your fave family pics, a girls day of confidence making boudoir pics, or beautiful captured memories of any event!

Click Here for her Work!

Justin Yanger: Dallas Photographer

Justin completely appreciates women as beauty. He is great at capturing very natural and intimate pictures of women. I enjoy working with him and love the natural looks he captures. Message him for artistic and intimate pics!

Click Here for his Work

Lusk Photo: Matt Lusk 

Matt is a professional photographer that captures women and light in beautiful ways. He was my first Texas Thighs shoot and will always be part of the Texas Thighs story. He was a great photog and I will always love the work we captured. 

Click Here for His Work

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