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"I have been following Courtney (@texasthighs) from earlier in her beginning and have loved watching her Journey... her website is her heart...she loves and interacts as much as a mother of two can with her members...there are many albums of beautifully posed pictures. Where she offers many different sides of herself! The site allows members many options in browsing her Fitness journey, to meal plans .. I love watching her live shows for members" - M.D.

"I have followed Courtney for awhile now here and on Snapchat and have never been disappointed. She is as real as they come and it's very obvious she is loving what she is doing! She is pretty, funny, and has one sexy body!! I think she's great!! 😍😍"  - R. L.

" is a great site. I’m really glad I joined up.  It was easy to do. I had my access to snap and private Instagram same day. Courtney is so cute and hot. I can tell she’s having fun with all of this. She’s great interacting with all of us knuckleheads. Mr TexasThighs is a lucky man - he’s cool too. The Snaps and Live Instagram sessions are so great. Lots of fun content every day!  Thanks for it all" - G

"She is a free spirit and uninhibited beauty" - T.S.

" Courtney has worked her butt off to get to where she is now! Follow her and let her influence your inspirations" - M

Thanks so much for the sweet words! Happy to have awesome people along on the journey with me!
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