Every week I offer a fave tip of mine that helps me live just a little bit healthier despite my crazy busy life

  • Tip of the Week: Get moving! 

Definitely and easier said than done thing. But even small things like:

taking a family walk, having a family dance off in the living room (or your own personal dance off in your office), walking the stairs at your building, or even using a fun app (like the 7 min workout app) will not only give you a boost of energy ... it will help you towards building a healthier lifestyle and boost your mood as well! So get creative and find bits of time in your day to include activity! 🙂 

  • Tip of the Week: Get some sleep!!!

I am the worst at this! I always want to do more and go go go. But your body needs sleep for a million reasons. When you are sleeping your body can do the most work. That's when it heals and repairs. That "well rested" look is from your skin cells doing their own repair during sleep. When you get 6 and half to 7 and a half hours of sleep at night, your body and brain function better. This means not only do you have more energy and strength for workouts and your day, but you also have less brain fog so you can be more productive. It is a win win on all accounts for every cell in your body!!!

Tips for sleeping:

  1. Get comfy
  2. Relax before actual bed time
  3. If your brain is running then make a list for you to remember the next day. Or journal if it's thoughts you need to get out.
  4. Keep the temp colder than you think . 68 degrees or less will help you sleep deeper and sounder which means you will feel the benefits even more.
  5. Close your eyes and sleep to a better you 🙂
  • Tip of the week: Tracking your Intake!

There are many times people tell me "I work out and eat healthy but I can't lose even 1 pound" Not that the number on the scale is everything but I know in the beginning it is an easy way to track if things are working esp when you do need to lose some pounds as well as get healthy. I always say the same thing " You may be eating less healthy than you think" I am a complete believer in balance!!! I truly encourage cheat meals and small indulgences as an important part of any healthy diet. It actually forces your body to speed metabolism and your brain to stay sane 🙂 But obviously the majority needs to be consistent with healthy nutrition if you want to feel better and lose weight. That being said...

A lot of times we think we are eating mostly healthy but we forget little extras that add up quickly that can derail our efforts. Tracking your food can def open your eyes to what your daily intake actually looks like. I'm not saying to count calories or anything super hard. Just jot down (paper or phone notes) EVERY TIME you eat or drink anything. Do this for a couple weeks (or longer if you want) and you will find areas that need some improvement. Wether it's your liquids that need switching or extra snacks that are adding up. It really does let you see exactly what could be throwing you off your goals. This could really help you get past the last push you need. 

  • Tip of the week: How to cut down on sodas while also upping water intake

Yes we all know to drink more water and to not drink soda but it is one of those way easier said than done things. When I was trying to increase water intake, I tried all different ways. One of the most effective things that helped me was a barter with myself. I not only had a goal to drink at least 60oz of water a day, but I also had to counteract each non-water drink with an equal glass of water. For example, even if I reached my goal of 60oz of water, if I drank a Dr. Pepper then I had to drink another full glass of water as well. This goes for coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. as well. So here is an example of the breakdown

Water goal: 60oz

Coffee: 8oz

Dr.Pepper: 12oz 

To drink according to my goal, I would drink 80oz or more of water. This made my goal for the day plus the ounces to make up for my unhealthy drinks. I have no idea any nutritional science behind this except that drinking more water is always good but it def deterred me from drinking more sodas and helped me increase my water intake.

Now I drink around 120oz of water a day and very very rarely drink a soda or coffee. I still drink my whiskey plenty of days but that's cuz well I like whiskey ha ha.  And you still gotta live life like you want 🙂 

Give this a try if you're trying to find a new way to get your daily water in! And if it works for you I would love to hear about it. To share with me, email me at Texasthighs@gmail.com  🙂

Have a Beautiful and Healthy Day!



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